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I am André Limal your local joiner

I am a sole trader in Brisbane and close surrounds. I have chosen to stay so as I believe this is the best way to maintain good relashionships with my clients.

I really take the time at the outset of a project to ensure the design is precisely what my clients require. Be prepared to spend some time together – coffee is optional!

I have, throughout the years, carefully chosen my suppliers and other tradesmen who I work closely with on each job. This way I am confident that they work to my standards at all times.

Enough talking – the advertising is in the pictures, so please enjoy my site and contact me for any queries.

About Andre

At the age of 16 I started my apprenticeship, and after two years fulltime obtained my Diploma of Joinery – Interior Fittings. I undertook my education at one of France’s leading private Joinery/Cabinet Making apprenticeship schools.
Since that time, I have gradually built a diverse portfolio in this domain. I have worked in various places, and my breadth of experience includes; installing skirting, architraves, carpentry-related work, providing advice in the retail hardware arena (fit for purpose and made to order specifications). In addition, this also includes some joinery, cabinet making, goods and services.
During 1996, I commenced work in Paris in a contracting casual capacity as a qualified labourer. The most prestigious companies engaged my skills and services to complement their extraordinary Parisian projects (eg. luxury hotels, major business head offices and fine dining restaurants). Over this four year period, I developed a meticulous attention to detail, and a genuine appreciation for beautiful work.

When I was 26 years old, I accepted the challenge to work for one year in Holland on the Emir of Qatar’s private 106 meter long yacht, amongst the best and most particular cabinet makers/joiners in the field. I took immense pride and worked with this team until the yacht was first tested in real conditions.

With the combined knowledge gained from these years of experience, I launched my own business in 2004 on the French Riviera, South France. This was my opportunity to subcontract in premium kitchen installations, and gradually build my own network of clients.

My project to move to Australia forced me to temporarily cease my sole trading business in France. Within 18 months of fulltime work in Brisbane using my trade, I initiated “Fraussie Trade” in 2008, my Australian-based sole trading company to create a strong and reliable business to the satisfaction of my loyal clients, which have enabled me to enjoy a happy and prosperous life in a great country that Australia is.


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